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27 October 11

Gratitude Pegasus Thursday- ONE OF HOWEVERMANY- I am grateful for these flowers and the company of the one who gave them to me. (no matter how new wave grumpy my hair makes me look in the photos)

10 April 11

My neutral stuff can be your neutral stuff!

Want Ikea furniture but can’t be bothered schlepping all the way to Red Hook?
Missing some staples or not quite sure what “look” you’re going for in your new place?

My neutral stuff can be YOUR neutral stuff, for cheap!

Moving sale- everything must be out before May 14- all prices negotiable.
Everything is less than two years old  (except for the TV) and is in fairly good shape. Almost all can be disassembled for easy moving.

28” RCA Home Theatre Television (CRT, not flat screen.) Perfectly wonderful, decent sized television with very good speakers.  See side photo for back dimension. $100 OBO

2 Ikea LACK side tables (black) One has slight imperfection on top. On sale from Ikea for $8 each new, You can have BOTH for $8!

Ikea BILLY bookcase (3 shelf variety) Look at all the huge things I stored on here- an 8mm film projector, 2 layers of DVDs, a fishbowl- the sky is the LIMIT! Get it new for $50 ( or get it HERE for $25!

Ikea Persisk Wool rug (see photo for pattern.) 6’ x 8’ in a lovely maroon and gold. NOTE: there’s been a happy cat on this rug, and while I’ll vacuum the heck out of it, you might have some snifflies if you’ve severe cat allergies. $40

White bookcase of unknown origin. 5 shelves, tall enough for records or hardcover books, deep enough for layer after layer of DVDs. $35

Urban Outfitters Funny Bunny- yellow porcelain rabbit lamp with hot pink shade. Totally twee, totally yours for $20 (paid $45 for it new 6 months ago.)

Plenty of other tchotchkes for the taking- get it while the getting is good!!!

21 June 10
My name is Flora,
i interested in you,i will also like to know you the more,and i want you to send an email to my email address so i can give you my picture for you to know whom i am Here is my email address (XXXXX@xxxx.xx) i believe we can move from here!I am waiting for your mail to my email address above. Flora
(Remember the distance or colour an age does not matter but love matters a lot in life
— Thank you, internet. I will always remember the distance or colour, an age does not matter, but LOVE matters a lot in life.
5 May 10
WANT: A cold sweet summery bevvie (because coronitas and shanties aren’t cutting it this May)
NEED: These gorgeously packaged  Sea Ciders

WANT: A cold sweet summery bevvie (because coronitas and shanties aren’t cutting it this May)

NEED: These gorgeously packaged Sea Ciders

30 April 10

eadweard muybridge vs the kentucky derby

29 April 10

(molly and i met the guy at 4:52)

megastache friend

14 April 10

want | vs | need-

WANT: feather headbands

NEED: mardi gras indians. Great NYT article.

I withstood this trend as long as I could but now i am obsessed with peacock feather headbands. the delight of having an alternative lifestyle haircut is that it’s particularly well suited for adornment.

and while i’m at it, let’s go whole hog.

Also- re: mardi gras indians- Is this a gross appropriation of indian stereotypes, is it permitted because of the shared history/geneaology of many Louisiana blacks, does that make it less problematic, is it less problematic because it’s one marginalized group appropriating another? Let’s chat.

12 April 10

Broken Records make Releases

There are three days left and Beetle Queen needs less than $200 of the original $12000 to kickstart its theatrical release. Can you spare $3 for the sake of independent film? (you get a gummy bug for your troubles!)

23 March 10

Someone in a blue striped shirt who went to harvard is trying to hook up w me. Dreadful. At least morrissey is on the jukebox

15 March 10

want vs need vs love

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh